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Bronze Wall Media Founder and CEO. Film Director, Producer, Production Coordinator, Assistant Director, Editor, Sound

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Writer, Director Editor, 



A Bit About Bronze Wall Media

Bronze Wall Media Group was founded by the husband and wife filmmaking duo of Graham and Emily Young. This power couple have made a name for themselves as highly reliable and exceptional storytellers. Together they have fostered a culture of  

In the last 5 years we have worked with a variety of production companies on over 50 projects, most recently for Out Of Order Studios on Season 4 of The Chosen and for Colossal Pictures on multiple smaller projects. Additionally, we have very close connections with many Arizona local companies including C & C Productions, NUVINE VISUALS, Archeus Media Productions, Jordan Crossing Films(Chris Blackford Film), Red Shirt Productions,(Casey B Davis) Slate 48, Creative Drill Sergent's, KAY Films, 52 Productions, Achilles Film Productions(Gino Zabala), The Row Media, Shinning Light Production and more. Furthermore, our team has had part or full time positions at the Arizona, Huntington University(of note 2 plus years in the equipment rental facilities), Pure Heart Church Online Media Team, and over 4 years of managerial and leadership experience. 

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